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July of this year has brought about a sequel to the most bizarre and exciting titles in esports: Splatoon 2. Just like in the first game, this third-person shooter is played in a four-on-four team battle. Players get to play as little squids know as inklings that can also change into a humanoid form. In 2015, when the first game was released, the thought of Splatoon as an esport wasn’t supported by many. Waves of negative opinions on why it didn’t fit in esports seemed to be released almost instantly. However, it wasn’t long before the community was able to prove just how much it truly belonged in the competitive scene. As the community speculated about Splatoon 2 being built for esports, Nintendo made a shocking investment in tournaments for the Splatoon franchise in late 2016. Although the title hasn’t been apart of competition for long, teams and players are already leaving their mark and creating a legacy.



'Deadbeat' is a team that jumped on the competitive wagon and quickly claimed the coveted title of Splatoon 2 Champions with ease. The team has won 15 of 18 Online and LAN events to date and they earned the title of Splatoon 2 World Champions at E3 and since, have continued the grind in search of their next competition win. As the prize pools and attention begins to rise for the game, Charlie Watson, CEO of SetToDestroyX, reached out and seized the opportunity to bring such an important team to the organization. The core players of Deadbeat include Gregory ‘Hexen’ Papi, 'Penguitt' and 'Power', but that’s not to belittle the rest of the roster featuring Kivicious 'Kiver'. This signing will allow STDx to cover the Nintendo end of eSports having also signed top players for Pokken and Smash.

“It's a really cool opportunity to see both the community and our team grow enough to see Professional Organizations like STDx interested in us, I'm excited for sure.” Gregory replied when asked about how he felt about the team signing. 

Penguitt also showed excitement about their endeavor with STDx. “Joining STDx means a lot to me because having established orgs taking the leap into Splatoon 2 is not only something that our team has been pushing for, but the community and developers as well. This is great step forward.”

"After watching the team win the Splatoon 2 E3 Invitational, alongside our 'Pokken Player' "Allister", we knew acquiring this new team would be our next step toward becoming the ambassadors for the Nintendo esports market." - Nathaen Wood Talent Acquisitions for SetToDestoryX.

The positive energy coming from the 'Deadbeat' team adds to the wide array of personalities that fill the SetToDestroyX eSports pros lineup. Even though the competition to become crowned Splatoon 2 World Champions is behind them, this isn’t the end of the road. Hexen confirmed they would be competing in Inkstorm+ this coming weekend under the SetToDestroyX brand. Across the board it seems different members enjoy a wide array of game types, giving them a wide range of experience to throw at their competition. Although, when asked who the MVP of the team was, both Hexen and Penguitt unanimously agreed that Power holds the title.

“He's a really hard worker and is incredibly mechanically skilled.” -Gregory

“He puts in so much time and effort into his weapon and his gameplay, and he is constantly improving. He takes criticism well, and he implements it into his future games.” -Penguitt

It’s uncertain what the future holds for this group, but the determination to practice and keep improving is what drives them. It may also help that they are the top team for Splatoon earnings. The eSports scene is small for the Splatoon franchise, but the confidence has grown in the game’s community that it won’t be long before more organizations and teams jump into it because Nintendo has announced that they are putting millions into the Nintendo Switch esports titles moving forward. In just a few short months, investments into tournaments for the game have nearly doubled from various sources and is trending north at a rapid pace.

“In the future, I see more orgs diving into Splatoon 2 with more sponsored teams, and as a result, more events will develope in the scene.” Penguitt answered, when being asked where he believes Splatoon esports is headed.

Along with the team signing, a long term sponsorship with ColorWare was negotiated as part of the deal. ColorWare is a company that custom paints products and skins for various things and is synonymous with the Nintendo market. They will be outfitting the team with their needs for Splatoon competition and STDx's current and future Nintendo competitive teams and players. The splash of color in the game and now out of the game, will help SetToDestroyX and the new Splatoon 2 team leave a lasting impression with their competitors and fans watching and following them. A deal, two months in the making with both the team and new sponsor, this marks the start of a new era cornering the Nintendo Switch market.



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