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When it comes to unusual games in the Esports scene, Nintendo takes the cake. Also following that trend is SetToDestroyX. Already having top players signed in Splatoon and Pokken, and the 22 ranked Smash4 player in world, they’ve become a quadruple threat by now signing #1 ranked Henry ‘Resolve’ Mason, in Arms. While it’s an all-around thrilling achievement for the DESTROYERS brand and future, Henry expressed high emotions and excitement to be joining a powerful group. “It’s intimidating knowing I’m joining the top ranks alongside SetToDestroyX pros in Splatoon and Pokken,” Resolve admitted, “but it’s also been a heart-warming welcome.”  


“One day I just stopped losing. I started winning against players I never thought I could beat.” -Resolve


Arms is a game released by Nintendo back in mid June, worldwide and is a game for the Nintendo Switch. While it is a fighting game, it sets itself apart by letting up to four players pick a fighter and attempt to knock out opponents using various extending arms in a three-dimensional arena. Featuring a variety of playable characters, Resolve prefers to use 'Spring Man', the poster character for the game, as his main, having the knowledge on how to counter all his opponents with him. He also uses 'Max Brass'. However, it hasn’t been an easy road to the top.  

Henry was drawn to the game the first time he saw an ad for Arms. With a background in boxing and having played Smash Bros, he was drawn in by the fact it was a fighting game along with some killer music.  From the very start, he hit a brick wall. After a while, he was invited to a discord server for Arms where he met top players. After continually facing them, he found himself turning his losses into wins. “One day I just stopped losing. I started winning against players I never thought I could beat.” -Resolve

Resolve’s first win came during Arms Labs #4. Despite competing online, the win ignited a success in competitive Arms he never saw coming. Since then, he’s putting in the time to compete in every tournament he can, both online and LAN. While the Esports scene is fairly new for Arms, the competitive scene is not. The community within the game is more than ready to see the game take off. At this time, Arms isn’t recognized as an official global Esport despite the large amount of tournaments that have been popping up. Japan is the only place that has Arms officially recognized and Resolve is hoping that they will jump on board with helping promote the scene for it globally. That’s not to say the current scene is dead and in fact that is far from the truth. Resolve is looking forward to competing in NEC, Smash Out Hunger, Famicon and EVO Japan in the next 3 months. His determination and friendly attitude has allowed him to feel right at home with SetToDestroyX, who in turn, will be supporting him throughout his future competitions on a long-term basis.  

Several months ago, Nintendo had bold statements for the Switch and for their Esports push. Prize pools, LANS, and promoting new titles into Esports that are easily accessible to all and having it right in your hands while being family rated for all to play. SetToDestroyX CEO, Charlie Watson stated, "After careful due diligence over several months, we determined it was best to breach into the Nintendo Switch Market first and sign the best players in teams in the world.  Not only will we be synonymous with Nintendo Switch and their budding new Esports market and endeavors, but it will enable us to continue pushing SetToDestroyX as a global brand as titles such as ARMS, Splatoon and Pokken have massive exposure and reach in the Asian market. We (SetToDestroyX), will lead the North American Switch competitIon & will convey to all that we are prepared to win and establish those titles heavily in our market as well."

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