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With the efforts the organization has made in the last 6 months of bolstering its PC competitive portfolio, console eSports as a whole have taken a back seat for STDx.  Today, we are proud to introduce our entrance into the XBOX ONE Paladins scene with the signing of team 'MORALE BOOST NA'.  The team, moving forward under the brand name 'SetToDestroyX', started with the original core members of Mercy, Dice, and NastyWolf. Team Captain, Richard "Mercy" Galindo stated, "we have been playing together continuously for six months and then solidified our roster by picking up Ying Bot and Yuuki along the way. We also have secured a substitute player Vertig0, as he lends depth to our squad and is an overall great addition and presence to our team."  
The team is currently ranked 2nd on the North American League Leaderboard with a respectable 9-2 record.  SetToDestroyX Paladins are competing in the Paladins Console Wars Open Qualifiers hosted by Hi-Rez Studios. This is a qualifier that involves both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players and will lead into a potential spot at the upcoming DreamHack Valencia Major LAN in July. The qualifiers started on May 28th and will go on for five weeks total to determine who qualifies for DreamHack from each region and console.  When asked about the new roster acquisition, Chief Creative Officer Mike 'StaX' Baxter rejoiced with respects to the signing stating, "I've been a fan of FPS shooters my entire life! Adding a new title to our comp division that is gaining popularity on the console side, as the PC side for Paladins continues its momentum and speed, is amazing.  Our roots are FPS and is where we laid the foundation to our success today and continuing our efforts on console, is not only a strong move for our partners, but that of our fans and community as well."

Last fall in September Hi-Rez Studios released their multiplayer shooter, Paladins: Champions of the Realm, as an open beta. You’re able to play as various characters in a variety of roles. Siege, Payload, Co-Op and Survival make up the game modes within the game. Competitive game mode is unlocked when a player has twelves champions over Mastery level four. Though competitive only consists of Siege mode, a best of five format, players choose their champions at the start and alternative between players on each team to choose. Paladins has attracted the attention of over 800,000 downloads on Steam and has been ranked in the top ten most popular games via Steam users.

Jumping into eSports, Paladins has already gained a huge competitive base. The game spans across PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox. However, the competition is split into two different categories. Dreamhack PC is an ongoing summer event where teams of five will pit it out against one another for a share of a money based prize. Playstation and Xbox competition is known as Console Wars. Qualifiers consist of teams of five competing once a week, for six weeks, for a money prize. Both competitions allow teams to gain points based on their placing. Competitors on all platforms are fighting to keep the highest ranking so they can have a spot at Dreamhack: Valencia.


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