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Matthew Lam


I am very passionate about gaming and highly involved in the gaming industry. I've been involved with eSports during its infancy to where it is now and this passion and experience would make me an ideal candidate for the position. My competitive spirit and love for eSports has let me compete all around North America, allowing me to experience eSports globally. For the past 15 years, I’ve been involved in gaming tournaments and have even coached players for events. I am currently a member of the pro Canadian eSports Team, SetToDestroyX, as their professional Street Fighter player. My past experiences has also included being an event planner for OCV gaming. At this position, I was responsible for managing and promoting events across various social media platforms as well as engaging with corporate sponsors. One of their biggest events was the Street Fighter V invitational that was held at Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo 2016, the largest gaming convention in Canada. This experience also allowed me to further embed myself in my community, not just as a player, but as a leader for future competitors. I’m currently competing all over North America, meeting professionals from all genres in eSports from First Person Shooters(FPS), Real Time Strategy(RTS), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA), Digital Card games and Fighting games of all kinds. With the announcement of Grizzlys Esports, Montreal Esports is becoming an integral part of eSports and it would be very rewarding to be a part of the team. My experience and passion within many different areas of the industry would make me a valuable member.

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