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Douglas Wolf


Doug is a professional H1Z1 Player for SetToDestroyX. He was signed in January of 2017 as a part of STDx's initial entry into H1Z1. As a member of the H1Z1 team Doug was invited to LA to compete in the very 1st H1Z1 5s LAN called Fight For The Crown. All though STDx fell short at FFTC he along with Aw_naW decided it was time to make a roster change picking up 3 members of the Strictly Business H1Z1 team. This team would go on to compete at Dreamhack Atlanta falling short in the teams qualifiers as well as the solo qualifiers. Do to extenuating circumstances a player in the Solo Finals was un able to compete and Doug was their replacement. He would go on to finish 10th overall and 5th in kills in the Solo Finals.