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Ngwa Nforsi


I wasn't really interested in video games when I was growing up. I was more a TV and Homework type of guy. I started gaming at the age of about 7 on the PlayStation 2, I played a lot of games with my older brother on that system and didn't actually buy another till I was about 10. At age 10 I got a DSi from my my mom cause we were going on a vacation that I didn't really have anything to do on. When I turned 12 I traded it in for a 3DS which I ended up losing less than a year later. When I turned 13 my friends told me to buy minecraft and so I did. I played that for a while and that's where I met one of my closest friends. After about a while he told me to get steam and gave me a beta code for brawlhalla. ( I wouldn't actually play the game for 3 months) When I started playing a lot I was completely unaware about the community or tournaments. In fact I was really bad for over 700 hours of playing and only knew one person. As the season reset I started running into better players and that only got me better at the game. As time went on I started watching streamers and getting more into the community and In game clans. I would do tournaments just because I thought I was ok at the game but winning them wasn't really what I was aiming for. That mindset went on for a while and I treated every match the same, a win affected me just as much as a loss. After 2 years of playing I'm where I am now

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