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Jordan He


Short bio with these questions answered: When you first started gaming? I started gaming at around the age of 7 where I played Pokemon Red, and what kept me playing was the competitive aspect. Little did I know that gaming was much more then competitiveness alone but also camaraderie, leadership, and meeting unique people. first tournament or competition? First official gaming tournament I attended was World Cyber Games 2012 Canadian Qualifiers in Montreal, Canada. This is where my team won every single game with near perfection, allowing us to fly to our first international tournament. The World Cyber Games 2012 Grand Finals in Kunshan, China was mind-blowing and our team placed 5th. why you got into gaming? I got into gaming very early and what caught my attention was the ability for video games to make an individual feel immersed in a totally different universe. favorite game? Crossfire hobbies outside of gaming? Rugby, Music, Finance dream job? Entrepreneur