SetToDestroyX eSports - also known by the community as StDx - is a professional Canadian eSports organization comprised of 50+ athletes and over 50 Twitch Partners. With a massive reach yielding strong results, StDX is presently competing at the highest level internationally in multiple game titles. Founded in 2010, SetToDestroyX is Canada’s oldest and largest organization in professional eSports.

The team’s tremendous success in 2017 has made it one of the top 200 highest overall earning teams globally. This accomplishment marks 4 years of growing success in international competition. Showing no signs of slowing down, making it into the top 100 in 2018 is within reach. While its focus is on increasing competitive success, StDx is also committed to growing the Canadian eSports scene through fostering up-and-coming competitive athletes as well as streamers. The team does this by providing a uniquely active and involved support system for all affiliated talent.
With a professional staff that has a combined 35+ years in eSports management, you can feel confident in working with an established organization with an international reputation. StDx staff is experienced in working with a variety of companies across the world from private to fortune 500, making SetToDestroyX a household name in the eSports community, especially in Canada.

StDx maintains positive engagement within the eSports and gaming communities through sponsor collaboration, strong social media presence, and its targeted recruitment and acquisition of mature streamers and competitive teams. (optional to add) StDx’s professional reputation has developed deep ties with sponsors such as Twitch, LogitechG, EGL, Gfuel, DXRacer, and Scuf Gaming
SetToDestroyX is connected, streamlined, identifiable, and talked about.








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