Critical Ops

Critical Ops
  • MrBates

    When did you first start gaming? been playing games ever since i was a little guppy, started with the very first gameboy nintendo, then gameboy colour, ps1, ps2, gameboy advance, ps3 and eventually mobile and pc games. back when i was a child i played a lot of racing games, then skate games, eventually fps games such as call of duty. then when i switched to mobile and pc it became c-ops and csgo. started playing this game ever since the closed beta back in september 2015. i never really saw myself as a competitive player, didnt think i was good enough to compete with the others, but as i played the game i became better and better and ppl wanted me to play for their team. First Tournament? first team i joined was DvS which was an NA team, we played the first c-ops tournament with them and did surprisingly well. then i switched to EU teams and eventually joined this team why you got into gaming?i grew up with it. favorite game?critical ops hobbies outside of gaming?Archery dream job?Fulltime streamer/youtuber or professional gamer...Read More

  • Primza

    When you first started gaming? When I was 6 years old first tournament or competition? Online Gfinity Ladders For Call of Duty why you got into gaming? My dad brought me a gameboy micro when I was 6 years old and ever since I love Gaming I've had PS2 PS3 PS4 Xbox one and now I play Critical Ops on my IPhone 6s favorite game? The GodFather Game PS2 hobbies outside of gaming? Helping my brother with he's boxing career dream job? Making a living out of Gaming and doing YouTube ...Read More

  • Overload

    When you first started gaming?when I found out that Fps games on the iPad was interesting first tournament or competition? My first clan DnB I played with them against kings why you got into gaming? As I said Fps games were interesting and it was fun so I went deep into gaming favorite game? World Of Tanks Blitz hobbies outside of gaming? Hunting dream job? Computer science ...Read More

  • Exo

    When you first started Gaming? I started gaming first when i was a yung boy. My first Gaming-Device was the Nintendo Sega where i loved to play on. Some years, Nintendo's and Xbox & Playstations-Console's later i got my first PC where i started playing CounterStrike 1.6 on. I loved this Game untill i started playing the other CounterStrikeversions. In the end i played nearly more than 5 years of CounterStrike (my 2 years last where Competitive in CsGo). First tournament? I can't remember my first tournament i played in. Why you got into gaming? I think my dad got me into gaming because he allways has been the one i wanted to watch when he played games on different devices. Favorite Game? Today, my favorite games are CounterStrike Global Offensive and Critical-Ops. Hobbies outside of gaming? Besides gaming i like to play guitar, work as a coder or designer, play football or just hang out with friends. Dream Job? My dreamjob is it to become a Game-Engineer or a Game-Designer....Read More

  • Zengetsutzg

    When did you first start gaming? Started gaming when I was a little boy, PlayStation 1 was beginning then progressing towards Gameboy, PS2, and Mobile/PC being the most advanced and interest in the gaming industry. First tournament? Eventually, the clan moved to Critical Ops and won the second tournament hosted by Critical Force. At this point organisation showed interest in Critical Ops and their hard work. During this time, my first tournament when be ESL in Critical Ops for EU region What got you into gaming? soul reason why I saw myself into gaming and Critical Ops being one of my respected game. After such high level of interest most focus was towards mobile gaming under FPS. Modern Combat 1 to 4 was the games played by me casually. However, Modern Combat 5 was the starting point of my career. As I engaged with different players and build a bond with them, which led to a formation of a clan named 'OUTLAW' and a YouTube channel named after it. Favorite game? C-Ops Hobbies outside of gaming? Hobbies outside gaming would watching Anime and enjoying the nature of archery and paint-balling. Dream job? As, Professional Player/ Streamer is my dream job....Read More

  • DeadBear

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